Cruising with National Dance Clubs

Cruising with National Dance Clubs is the best possible way to go. You have a group of people who love to dance and have fun to make the experience amazing. When you travel with us, you don’t have to worry about a single thing except having a wonderful time.

Cruising with National Dance Clubs is nothing like embarking on a cruise on your own. From the moment you arrive at the airport, the National Dance Clubs staff takes care of everything, from your baggage, to your transportation, tips and gratuities. As with any cruise, when you know how to dance, you become a kind of celebrity on ship, but when you travel with the National Dance Clubs and the other students and the staff as well as other dancers on a Dance Cruise, you become a STAR.

Not only do you get the fabulous amenities of a Royal Caribbean cruise, including the amazing food and the wonderful ports of call, you enjoy traveling with a group of fun-loving dancers and participate in an on-board dance competition. Until you have been on a cruise with National Dance Clubs, you don’t know what you have been missing!

Student Comment of the Week – Meet Vincent Ballard

Meet Vincent Ballard…

We are so blessed at National Dance Clubs to have such amazing students and, of course, great teachers!!

Read on to see what our students have to say….

“Excellent first lesson. Vincent was very funny and
informative! I’m looking forward to my next lesson!”

National Dance Clubs

Thank you Vincent for all that you do!!

National Dance ClubsClick here for more information!

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Ballroom dance gift
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Lights; Music; Action!!! Time for SHOWCASE!

Reserve your tickets for our biggest, most fabulous show of the year!

Winter Is Coming. Get Ready for Some Indoor Sport

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Be together more through intent than habit.  Couples that dance together, stay together.  Build a better partnership.   Call (615) 994-1800 for more information on dance lessons in middle Tennessee.

The Best Therapy

Student comment of the week:

“Ballroom Dancing… the best therapy in the world… especially when you have such a fantastic teacher! Waltzed with Vince Schulz Ndc and then he taught me a new move in the Tango – with a lot of patience and laughter. So blessed to have you in my life, Vince!!”

                                                                Kathy McLemore Maguire


How Dancing Together Brings a New Depth to Your Relationship

National Dance Clubs Students Larry & Carter Owens share their thoughts on how dancing has affected their relationship.


“We approached dancing as something we had talked about but had never acted on it but IMG_3005soon after starting we noticed that our communication between each other had changed… became sharper, not in a harsh way but actually became more sensitive! We began to be move in tune with what the other one was doing. He became a stronger leader, and I really had to step back to allow him to lead…to be a better follower!

We have become more patient with each other as we’ve struggled IMG_2355with learning some of the steps. The surprises have been that we BOTH are enjoying learning and even practicing.  We’re truly having fun, and, most importantly, we are doing this together. We do a lot of things together but dancing has brought us closer.  Even though we are both fairly competitive, we are both working for this joint goal together!! The bottom line is this whole “dancing thing” has taken on a definition we had never considered nor imagined!!”


photos by Donna Duda


Calendar of Events; Week of August 7th – August 12th


Monday, 8.7:

Preliminary Bronze Class begins at 7:00pm in our Murfreesboro and Brentwoood studios

Advanced Bronze Class begins at 7:00pm in our Murfreesboro and Brentwood studios

Bronze Elements Class with Kristin begins at 7:00pm in our Belle Meade studio

Tuesday, 8.8:

Social Ease Class begins at 7:00pm in all studios

Style & Technique Class begins at 7:00pm in our Murfreesboro and Brentwood studios


Wednesday, 8.9:  

Showtime Elements Class begins at 11:00am in our Brentwood studio
International Bronze Class begins at 11:00am in our Murfreesboro studio
Stretch and Strength Class with Rachel begins at 11:00am in our Belle Meade studio

International Bronze Class begins at 12:00pm in our Brentwood studio

Intermediate Bronze Class begins at 7:00pm in our Murfreesboro and Brentwood studios

Bronze and Above Class with Bryanna begins at 8:00pm in our Belle Meade studio



Thursday, 8.10:

It is, once again, the MOST important night of the week! GUEST NIGHT!!! Now is the time to share what you love with those you love.

As a thank you from your staff, each guest will earn you points towards FABULOUS gifts!! Please see your instructor about sponsorship.
Be all you can be by helping someone else be all that they can be through dance.

Newcomer Class begins at 7:00pm in all studios
Guest Night Party begins at 8:00pm in all studios


Friday, 8.11:

Hey, Yogi! Pack up your dancin’ shoes and your favorite picnic basket and join your NDC family for the ultimate picnic party! Food, dancing, and friendship! What more could you want in an evening?!

Group Classes begin at 7:00pm
Open Dancing begins at 8:00pm



Saturday, 8.12:

Ballroom Cardio Class begins at 11:00am in our Brentwood and Murfreesboro studios

Ladies Group Class with Elizabeth begins at 11:00am in our Belle Meade studio


The Saturday Night Dance Party will be held in our Brentwood studio!
Brentwood Studio
5714 Edmondson Pike
Nashville, TN  37211

Group Class begins at 7:00pm
Open Dancing begins at 8:00pm


Contact and Location Information:

NDC Murfreesboro:   (615) 849-1155
710 Memorial Blvd. Suite 122
Murfreesboro, TN  37129

NDC Brentwood:   (615) 277-1155
5714 Edmondson Pike
Nashville, TN  37211

NDC Belle Meade:  (615) 352-1155
5133 Harding Pike
Suite A12
Nashville, TN  37205

NDC Franklin:  (615) 861-1142
209 S Royal Oaks Blvd
Suite 124
Franklin, TN 37064

~photo credits to Donna Duda, Caroline Brown-Rutland, and Stephen Marino~