How Dancing Together Brings a New Depth to Your Relationship

National Dance Clubs Students Larry & Carter Owens share their thoughts on how dancing has affected their relationship.


“We approached dancing as something we had talked about but had never acted on it but IMG_3005soon after starting we noticed that our communication between each other had changed… became sharper, not in a harsh way but actually became more sensitive! We began to be move in tune with what the other one was doing. He became a stronger leader, and I really had to step back to allow him to lead…to be a better follower!

We have become more patient with each other as we’ve struggled IMG_2355with learning some of the steps. The surprises have been that we BOTH are enjoying learning and even practicing.  We’re truly having fun, and, most importantly, we are doing this together. We do a lot of things together but dancing has brought us closer.  Even though we are both fairly competitive, we are both working for this joint goal together!! The bottom line is this whole “dancing thing” has taken on a definition we had never considered nor imagined!!”


photos by Donna Duda


Donna Duda

Author: Donna Duda

I have been a life-long student of communication and have been living my dance dream and working with the National Dance Clubs since 1997. I consider myself a dance evangelist and am dedicated to the mission of helping people fulfill their dreams of better relationships, better personal fulfillment, and more magic and sparkle in their lives through dance.

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