Calendar of Events; Week of July 8th – July 15th


Dance of the Week

Tuesday, 7.11:

Social Ease Class begins at 7:00pm in all studios

Style & Technique Class begins at 7:00pm in our Murfreesboro and Brentwood studios



Dance bravely into the unknown! Dance the path less traveled!

Join your studio at their respective locations at 8:15pm!

*The Murfreesboro studio will be going to Wall Street Bar and Grille:
121 N. Maple St.
Murfreesboro, TN 37130

*The Brentwood and Belle Meade studios will be in Piranha’s Bar & Grill:
174 3rd Ave N.
Nashville, TN  37201


Wednesday, 7.12:  

Showtime Elements Class begins at 11:00am in our Brentwood studio
International Bronze Class begins at 11:00am in our Murfreesboro studio
Stretch and Strength Class with Rachel begins at 11:00am in our Belle Meade studio

International Bronze Class begins at 12:00pm in our Brentwood studio

Intermediate Bronze Class begins at 7:00pm in our Murfreesboro and Brentwood studios

Bronze and Above Class with Bryanna begins at 8:00pm in our Belle Meade studio


The incomparable Gary Pierce will be in the Murfreesboro studio, providing a wealth of ballroom dance knowledge and one-on-one coachings.
(Please speak with your instructor to reserve your time)

A former U. S. Ballroom Champion, Mr. Pierce co-founded and performed with the American Ballroom Theatre Company, New York City. For over ten years he served as resident choreographer for the company. He has performed all over the world and as a guest artist in festivals and special arts events for television and stage.


Thursday, 7.13:

It is, once again, the MOST important night of the week! GUEST NIGHT!!! Now is the time to share what you love with those you love.

Newcomer Class begins at 7:00pm in all studios
Guest Night Party begins at 8:00pm in all studios

Friday, 7.14:

The truly unequaled Tommy DiTommaso will be in the Murfreesboro studio, imparting pearls of dance wisdom to our students and coaching both students and teachers!
(Please speak with your instructor to reserve your time)

Tommy DiTommaso began ballroom dancing at the age of 11, and trained under Mr. Larry Silvers and Melanie Dale.  As an amateur, he won the U.S. Junior Latin Championships in 1990 & 1991. In addition, he won the U.S. Latin Junior Pro Am Championships and placed fourth in the amateur Grand Championships in 1991. Tommy started dancing professionally in the fall of 1999 in the American Rhythm category. Together, he and his partner won many Rising Star Championships across the Country and were finalists in the U.S. Rising Star Championships in American Rhythm. Now he and his wife are the force behind five competitions and promote good quality competitions for all levels of competitors. Along with  running competitions, he continues to teach, coach and judge across the United States.


Hero or Villain? Which side calls to you? This Friday, don a costume of your choosing and be prepared for (IN)JUSTICE! Good, good. Let the live music and rhythm flow through you.

Hero                  or               Villain?

Dark side             or          Light side?

Group Classes begin at 7:00pm in all studios
Friday Night Party begins at 8:00pm in all studios



Saturday, 7.15:

Sweat the stress of your week away with our Ballroom Cardio class!

Ballroom Cardio Class begins at 11:00am in our Brentwood and Murfreesboro studios

Ladies Group Class with Elizabeth begins at 11:00am in our Belle Meade studio

*****There is no Saturday Night party this week.*****





Contact and Location Information:


NDC Murfreesboro:   (615) 849-1155
710 Memorial Blvd. Suite 122
Murfreesboro, TN  37129

NDC Brentwood:   (615) 277-1155
5714 Edmondson Pike
Nashville, TN  37211

NDC Belle Meade:  (615) 352-1155
5133 Harding Pike
Suite A12
Nashville, TN  37205



NDC (all studios) :
Landing Page –
Facebook –
Twitter – @NDC_ballroom
Instagram – national_dance_clubs

NDC Murfreesboro:

NDC Brentwood:

NDC Belle Meade:

~Photo credits to Christa Bacon-Madanchi, Donna Duda, Carolina Brown-Rutland, Stephen Marino.~

Calendar of Events; Week of May 27th – June 2nd

*Classes and Parties are available at each studio location, unless otherwise specified.

Dance of the Week:

Saturday, 5.27

Leave the stress of the week on the floor. Come and sweat it out!

*Latin Cardio class begins at 10am and will end at 12pm.

Saturday Night Dance Party!!
The Saturday Night dance party will be held in our Belle Meade location:
5133 Harding Pike Suite A12
Nashville, TN 37205

Group Class begins at 7:00pm
Party begins at 8:00pm

*Saturday morning group classes currently not available at our Franklin studio 

Monday, 5.29

MEMORIAL DAY: Our Brentwood and Franklin studios will be closed, in honor of those who served and continue to serve our country so selflessly.

Our Murfreesboro studio will be open from 9:00am – 2:00pm for Cafe day. Please speak with your instructor for specific information regarding this.

Tuesday, 5.23

Social Ease Class begins at 7:00pm
Style & Technique Class begins at 7:00pm

*Latin Class begins at 7pm
ONLY available in our Franklin studio location!

Wednesday, 5.24

Showtime Elements Class begins at 11:00am
International Bronze Class begins at 12:00pm
Intermediate Bronze Class begins at 7:00pm

Thursday, 5.25

The benefits of dancing are incomparable to any other activity. Tonight is the night to share this amazing gift with those in your life.
The greatest gift is to bring a guest.

Newcomer Class begins at 7:00pm
Guest Night Party begins at 8:00pm

Friday, 5.26

Places, Please! debuts at the Factory in Franklin.
230 Franklin Rd
Franklin, TN   37064

Please see the Front Desk or call 615-849-1155 to purchase your tickets!!

Showtime starts at 7:00pm! (Arrive early to get a great seat!)

 Upcoming Shows:




Photo Credits: Donna Duda, Caroline Brown Rutland.

Florida Classic Series; Orlando 2017 Winners

Please take a moment to congratulate all of our phenomenal competitors, as they each put in hours upon hours of hard work and represented the National Dance Clubs family REMARKABLY!!!! We are so very proud of each student and teacher who stepped foot onto that ballroom floor! Without further adieu:


Top Bronze Female: Pat Houseman


Top American Female: Stephanie Donithan


Top Proficiency Male: Tony Martin


Top Overall Spec: Pat Houseman


Top Overall Female: Pat Houseman


Runner Up Top Studio: National Dance Clubs of Murfreesboro

Music City Invitational 2017 Results and Awards

2017 MCI Winners

Top Teacher Overall- 1st Vincent Ballard

Top Teacher Overall- 2nd Alfred Perratta

Top Teacher Overall- 3rd Jay Holmes

Top Teacher Overall- 4thDrew McElyea

Top Teacher Overall- 5th Sam Myers

Top Teacher Overall- 6th David Westover

Top Teacher Overall- 7th Darian Chancellor

Top Teacher Overall- 8th Chris Rose

Top Teacher Overall- 9th Carl Madanchi

Top Teacher Overall- 10th Dusty Johnson

Top  Studio SM- Go Dance

Top Studio LG- Murfreesboro

Top Junior Male- Aiden Carbine

Top Junior Female- Natalya McCaskill

Top Youth Male- Josiah McCaskill

Top Youth Female- Linda Gail

Top Newcomer Male -Tom Jones

Top Newcomer Female- Donna Walker

Top Newcomer Amateur Couple- Rory Tiller & Marne Matysek

Top Bronze Male- Stephen Kough

Top Bronze Female- Pat Houseman

Top Bronze Amateur Couple- Jim & Beverly Calder

Top Silver Male- Dan Coen

Top Silver Female- Sonia Smithson

Top Silver Amateur Couple- Steve & Joyce Samples

Top Gold Female- Dorris Ziehr

Top Bronze Solo Male- Tim McCoy

Top Bronze Solo Female- Jennie Walls

Top Bronze Solo Amateur Couple- Terry & Ann Cobb

Top Silver Solo Male- Dan Coen

Top Silver Solo Female- Sally Childs

Top Silver Solo Amateur Couple- Steve & Joyce Samples

Top Gold Solo Female- Patty Rogers

Top Bronze Spectacular Male- Tim McCoy

Top Bronze Spectacular Female- Carol McAlpine

Top Bronze Spectacular AC- Terry & Ann Cobb

Top Silver Spectacular- Male Dan Coen

Top Silver Spectacular Female- Betsy Bradley

Top Gold Spectacular Female- Dorris Ziehr


Organization- Mr. Peters Darian Chancellor

Enthusiasm- Brandon Hardison Jay Holmes (Beautifully shared with James & Nancy McCaskill)

Strength & Endurance- Iron Man Vincent Ballard



American Smooth

1st Darian & Tiffany Chancellor

2nd Jake & Megan Lavender

3rd Staz Dawson & Jacklyn Gonyea

4th Carl & Christa Madanchi

5th Jeffery Bryant & Rachel Smith

6th Vince Schulz & Stefani Cinto

7th Andrew Stockton & Kristin Hicks

Theater Arts

1st Clyde C. Harris & Summer Elkin

2nd Jamie Black & Robin Ray

3rd Stanislav Morozov & Kseniia Tashkinova

4th Joel Thomas & Samantha Elliott

5th Dusty Johnson & Ellie Grohoske

6th Ian Meeks & Brooke Mortimer

7th Alfred Perratta & Sloan Cobb

8th Staz Dawson & Jacklyn Gonyea

Show Dance

1st Craig Johnston & Katherine Hutchinson

2nd Vincent Ballard & Chelsea Knutson

3rd Daniel Whitmer & Samantha Elliott

American 4 Dance

1st Staz Dawson & Jacklyn Gonyea

2nd Darian Chancellor & Shayne Collins

3rd Clyde C. Harris & Brooke Mortimer

4th Jeffery Bryant & Elizabeth Bailey

5th Jay Holmes & Byanna Najeria

6th Andrew Stockton & Rachel Smith​

American Rhythm

1st Craig Johnston & Katherine Hutchinson

2nd Stanislav Morozov & Kseniia Tashkinova

3rd Ian Meeks & Samantha Myers

4th Clyde C. Harris & Brooke Mortimer

5th Tim Polascheck & Ellie Grohoske

6th Vincent Ballard & Chelsea Knutson

Please follow the links to see your results and placements!!!

International Standard

1st Staz Dawson & Jacklyn Gonyea

2nd Jeffery Bryant & Elizabeth Bailey

3rd Andrew Stockton & Kristin Hicks

4th Vincent Ballard & Caralena Hermes

5th Riley Wingate & Kyrie Palmer