First Annual NDC Championships; The Road So Far

Please join us in a round of applause for our incredible competitors!!

Craig Laubengeiger

Jim and Beverly Calder

Pat Parker

Bernadette Dziesinski

Shirley Barbee

Pauline Xavier

Justyne Hughes

Marianna Perratta

David Carney

Stan Barr

Brenda Davis

Connie Jones

Cheryl Rudnicke

Bobby Dial

Betsy Bradley

Sara Rutter

Pat Houseman

Kimberly and Eric Ouimet

Tony Martin

Larry and Carter Owens

Calendar of Events: Week of June 10th – June 16th

*Classes and Parties are available at each studio location, unless otherwise specified.

Dance of the Week:

Saturday, 6.10:

The Saturday Night Party will be held in our Murfreesboro Studio:
710 Memorial Blvd Suite 122
Murfreesboro, TN  37129

Monday, 6.12:

*Preliminary Bronze Group Class begins at 7:00pm
*Advanced Bronze Group Class begins at 7:00 pm

**Bronze Elements Group Class with Kristin begins at 7:00pm

*Available at our Murfreesboro, Franklin and Brentwood Studios
** Available at our Belle Meade Studio

Tuesday, 6.13

Social Ease Class begins at 7:00pm
Style & Technique Class begins at 7:00pm

*Latin Class begins at 7pm
ONLY available in our Franklin studio location!

Wednesday, 6.14

*Showtime Elements Class begins at 11:00am
*International Bronze Class begins at 12:00pm
*Intermediate Bronze Class begins at 7:00pm

**Stretch and Strength with Rachel begins at 11am
** Bronze and above Group Class with Staz begins at 8:00pm

*Available at our Murfreesboro, Franklin and Brentwood Studios
** Available at our Belle Meade Studio

Thursday, 6.15

The benefits of dancing are incomparable to any other activity. Tonight is the night to share this amazing gift with those in your life.
~The greatest gift is to bring a guest.~


Newcomer Class begins at 7:00pm
Guest Night Party begins at 8:00pm

Friday, 6.16

Celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the opening of our Franklin studio! Join your NDC family and head out to Franklin for our momentous occasion!
209 S Royal Blvd Suite 124
Franklin, TN  37164
The Murfreesboro and Brentwood studios will be CLOSED at 7pm.

Group classes begin at 7:00pm
Open dancing begins at 8:00pm
 Upcoming Shows/Events:

Photo Credits: Donna Duda, Caroline Brown Rutland, On Your Mark photography.